This tool has a lifetime warranty

It will not scratch your grill. It will also clean the racks in your oven. It is long enough so you can clean your grill while it is still hot, or wait until you are ready to grill out next time.
The Martin Grill Gadget is easy to clean... just wipe the "Universal Disc" with a paper toweL This tool looks great and it really works! Never rust wear away or change shape!

why not a bristle brush?

Wire bristle brushes can tear, splinter and leave entire wires, or fragments of wires on your grill or in your food. Each year children and adults of all ages ingest grill-cleaning brush bristles causing severe injury.

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meet the martins

Andrew Martin invented the Grill Gadget in his small West Tennessee town in 1981.

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What Customers are Saying about the Grill Gadget

"I received one of these as a gift last year 2006. I have used it 100's of times a year. It's great, easy to use and I would recommend it to any avid griller."

K. Wable
Tallahassee, FL